Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving is America’s national chow-down feast, the one occasion each year when gluttony becomes a patriotic duty. ~Michael Dresser

This year joining us for the turkey feast is the cutest butterball of all, our grandson. Master Charlie arrived sporting a navy blue pullover vest with an argyle design, light blue pin striped long sleeved shirt, and the all American favorite, a pair of blue jeans. He’s only 7 months old, and the kid already knows how to dress for dinner. It was so special to share his first Thanksgiving holiday, one for which I am so thankful and which will always be etched in my mind. Charlie’s winning smiles and big personality captured everyone’s attention and directed it away from my homemade cherry pie that resembled a Pop Tart, the turkey looking sun baked and weather worn, the spinach casserole excessively loaded with crunchy celery, and Gran imbibing in the customary bottle of wine. We all look forward next year when our tiny compatriot will be able to sample the fare in this traditional American celebration. And, Gran will omit the celery from the spinach dish.


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? years young

It takes a long time to become young.   ~Pablo Picasso

This past month, I, along with my husband, daughter, 5.5 month old grandson, and a big appetite, headed on down the highway to have a birthday lunch at a fifties-inspired diner.  We were enjoying the scenery on an unusually warm autumn day.  Our little grandbaby, smiling and laughing, was having a good time blowing raspberries for gramps.  No one could have orchestrated a better birthday celebration.  Throw a baby into the mix and suddenly, there is whole new meaning to this journey in life. Instead of downing a glass or two of wine in an over-priced restaurant, I stood in the crowded aisle of a small town truck stop among other diner patrons and bustling staff while holding a restless baby boy, as he fixedly stared at a fuzzy Halloween tarantula, dangling at the end of a taped string.  I don’t feel old, because I’m keeping company with a little man who will reach over, place his tiny hand on my arm, and direct a gaze as if to say, I like you, lady.

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sum, sum, summertime

“Time does not pass, it continues.”            ~Marty Rubin

My husband remarked this evening that I hadn’t posted in three months. And, there has been so much adventure. Even though this summer has seen a tremendous amount of rainfall and washed out roads, we managed to grab the sunshine and create new memories.  We enjoyed three bike trips on our Harley in which one included a feat that we never even listed on our bucket list, a ride to the top of Mount Evans, the nation’s highest paved road at 14, 240 ft.  To prove it, here we are in our moment:

twoofusonmtevansAfter a nerve-wracking, but inspirational, ride to heaven’s door, we posed  with quiet confidence, not wanting to think about the necessary descent to civilization.  All I can say is that I have never been so chuffed at seeing a tree line.  Also, I had the presence of mind to count the number of 180 degree switchbacks… 16.

Our next escapade was a week long sojourn to Northern New Mexico.  We carried with us a few changes of clothing in our soft leather bag that fits over the sissy bar and the smugness of two cocky teenagers out to rule the world.  Of course, the trip was broken into segments so our muscles wouldn’t get too stiff. We are cognizant of the fact that our bodies don’t match our attitude. Santa Fe was our destination, but before arriving there, we took an 80 mile ride around Mount Wheeler, termed the Enchanted Circle. Our country holds so many hidden treasures.  We finally arrived Santa Fe in 99 degree temps during rush hour traffic.

jerwithcowboy“Got my dog, got my horse, and now I got my cowboy.”

I just wanted to say that.  Anyway, Santa Fe is a beautiful artsy town.  If money were no object, I would have an array of sculpture from New Mexico dotting my landscaping.

Our next trip was to Cripple Creek for the 2014 Veterans Rally to honor those who have served our country since the Revolutionary War and to remember our POW/MIAs.  It is an extraordinary event with thousands of people and motorbikes from all over the country.

cripplecreek2014Cripple Creek after the parade

When we weren’t on our bike, we spent time with a special little person in our lives.  Need I say more?

charlieandgrampsGramps and Charlie at our favorite buffet restaurant

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bragging rights

The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.   ~Johnny Depp

For the past three weeks I have been unequivocally spellbound by a lilliputian angelface, my grandson.  He is so doggone cute and with a personality to boot.  I don’t say this because I’m a grandmother; I say this because it’s true.  Charlie was released from the preemie ward due to his champion achievements in being a baby.  The day he went home to his childhood haunt was a day I’ll never forget and neither will Gramps.  Charlie’s parents didn’t share their news of his impending release, because they wanted to surprise us.  And, surprise us, they did!  When our daughter, Charlie’s mom, wanted to show me the new mamaroo, one that is similar to the one in the hospital, I believe I mumbled something on the order if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.  I was headed to get a cup of coffee.  My daughter insisted that I check out the new mamaroo and guided me over to the little cot.  I saw the top of a tiny blond head and was thinking, toy doll.  I proceeded to move an extension containing a bauble around to this tiny head, and my daughter exclaimed, THAT’S CHARLIE!.  My befuddlement soared to exhilaration.  Yes, Charlie is home.  In his room there are big letters on the wall that spell out, Let the adventures begin!


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April love

I have become a member of the one of the most prestigious groups in mankind. I’m dubbing it the Order of Grandparenthood.

What had been a low-key month for me, other than my sewing machine breaking down, turned out to be a month illuminated by the birth of a little man who decided he simply didn’t want to wait for the month of June, his due date.  He decided April 30 is the day he makes his appearance to grab Gran’s heart.  I wondered what significant event shares his birthday, and I discovered that television was broadcasted to the public for the first time from the Empire State Building in 1939.  75 years later, Charlie’s arrival is announced over the world wide global community.  I don’t believe it’s coincidental. Charlie thinks big.

Charlie_and_GranMy heart swells.


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