This is a hand made knit that took me about 15 months to complete. It’s not that I’m a handmade knitslow knitter (I’m no speed demon either), it’s just that I have too many projects going on at once. When a new project is undertaken, the others that I started beforehand seem to fall into a lesser priority. You might think, ‘well, so what’? It’s not a big deal, unless I’ve promised the project as a gift. Two years prior on Xmas, I proudly presented a card to my husband. It contained a note informing that I’m knitting a big, comfy cable sweater just for him. Two years later, he receives the gift, finally, two weeks before his birthday. I’m changing my ways. I have vowed that I’ll be more organized and not bite off more than I can chew. I actually have another sweater in the works and have resisted the temptation to start some socks. However, this present project will be put on the back burner, because I have a couple of rooms to paint after the first of the year. One of the rooms was started four years ago. Like I said, I’m changing my ways.

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