Cabin fever

Springtime correlates with the start of the riding season, for me, anyway. In order to get there, so many big chores must be completed. One of them is a manure pile, on the north end of the barn, the size of Pikes Peak. This is a task that is normally “spread” throughout the week; however, in winter, the snow and freezing prevents the removal. All in all, this over-sized mound needs to be redirected elsewhere. Unfortunately, winter isn’t over just yet. This is the time that cabin fever really sets in. I connect that big manure pile with the obstacles in my way. Some people need to clear the cobwebs out. Me, I need to knock down the pile of waste (to be polite). I can’t enjoy the season of renewal until I complete the tasks that sat idle, like the frozen pile. Once I get over that obstacle, my energies can be redirected.

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