A gift from the heart

The quilt to the left, Tulugaq, which means raven in Eskimo, was completed this month and sent to a friend who lives in Alaska. The theme is based on a children’s book, written by her.  It was my first attempt at piecing and my second at applique work. I consider this work to be a milestone in my quilting endeavors, because I never thought that I would have the patience to painstakingly cut out individual shapes and for good reason. When I was a kid and played with paper dolls, I always disliked cutting the small accessories such as purses, hats, etc. I just wanted a quick change in outfits. Therefore, I’d throw out the pages that contained those “little pains in the neck”. Who would know? Well, I found out while happily playing and changing my little doll’s fashionable ensembles to accommodate her 20 different daily events within the span of 2 minutes. I heard my grandmother tsk-tsking while rummaging through the wastebasket. She fished out the crumpled pages and brought them over to me. Her facial expression and voice were stern as she told me to finish cutting and not waste good paper. Of course, I begrudgingly obeyed. I didn’t realize until years later that my grandmother taught me a good lesson in life. Now I take pride in cutting small shapes, because, not only am I using material scraps, but it’s a step towards producing a gift from the heart.