Nearing the end of 2008

I was not consistent in my journal entries.  That’s for sure.  Perhaps I should change the title of my site, since journal connotes daily. What do you think of the Delinquent Diarist?  Maybe not…it does have a catchy ring to it, though.  I doubt I’ll change my ways, but I have developed new interests that I’d like to share occasionally.  My new interests, or I should say, my new addictions are fabric scraps and fibers.  I made the quilt to the right for my brother, who is an avid reader.   All avid readers need a quilt to wrap up in. 


The next quilt was made for my neighbor, who introduced me to the craft of quilting.  I call it “Holiday Cheer in the Hood”.  It consists of rows of house shapes cut out of holiday fabrics, hence the title. 


The third holiday quilt was made for my daughter.  I thought it’d be a nice addition on her table.  It has applique, which, in my opinion, can be tricky to apply. As you can see, two flowers are too close together.  It’s okay with me, though, because it shouts HANDMADE. 

I have a large quilting project in store for next year.  This one won’t be started until I resume interior painting. The sewing room is cleared out.  I keep telling myself that this should be an incentive for me to rock and roll with the paint.  However, there is another pastime that has hooked me…spinning.  Stay tuned.