Window to the world

We did have a window to the world, a wonderful window seat.  The family could sit there and watch the horses in the field.  Our Rottie sat there, as well, watching for any outside movement, until she got a bee in her square forehead to chase something or other.  Fortunately, the glass stayed in place and only cracks remain.   This will be the second time glass is replaced in that bay window.  This incident has forced me to think more creatively how to keep her off the seat and what coverings to get.  I can’t keep her out of the room, because she likes to sleep on the sofa, and that’s that.  Therefore, I need to find an interesting, big, heavy decorative item to block her way, along with the shutters or whatever.  The piano bench can’t remain up there nor can the cardboard on the glass.  She seems lost without her lookout post, but, then again, we’re lost without our view.

Check out my felted double cuff mittens that I just completed.

Bunny Buddy

I still am entertained every day by my little buddy, Maddie.  When I open the north end of the barn,  I’m pleased to see him waiting outside.   It’s like he’s waiting for the cafeteria door to open.  I had looked on the Internet for articles relating to wild rabbits and their response to human voices.   What I found surprised me.  Actually, an article discussing purchased rabbits as pets gave me insight to these little madcaps.  Apparently, rabbits never can be domesticated.   Should you be so inclined to have a need to gain more info about bunnies, here’s a link to bunny facts.

The Two Madcaps

The two madcaps, aka Maddie 1 and Maddie 2, (yes, I have named them) were in the barn this morning. After turning on the classical radio station, I placed two small carrots in a convenient spot for them.  Apparently, they enjoy dining to music.  It was a relief to see them, because they weren’t in sight yesterday.  I know they’re thieves in the night due to the fact the carrots I place go missing.   However, there is a fox that walks around the house and barn every morning at 3:55 to be exact, and I worry that he’ll nab one of them.  Our Rottie will go in guard mode at that time.  My husband dutifully will check out the distress signal, although he knows it’s the fox lurking outside.  He lets Trixy out; she runs around the house and returns for her breakfast.  Twenty-four hours later it’s the same game all over again.  Well, back to the bunnies…I didn’t realize that they could eat a carrot so fast.  I watched Maddie 1 take the carrot and expected to see him nibble away.  Not so.  It appeared he sucked it up like a spaghetti noodle.  After a two minute rest, the other Maddie appeared, and they sauntered off for their Walt Disney adventure.

What was I thinking?

This morning while feeding the horses, I saw my little rabbit friend sitting in the middle horse run.  Usually it would be no big deal, however, the big Thoroughbred that occupies that space was present. I watched for reactions from both little and large animals.  Both seemed comfortable together, which is good due to the fact that the little guy was only about 8 inches away.  The rabbit continued hopping through the runs and came bouncing into the north end of the barn, as if he was happy to see me.  He munched on a few alfalfa bits, while I continued my chores.  At the time I was spreading wood shavings in one of the stalls, I was surprised to find the rabbit sitting about two feet from me.  He had followed me into the stall!  What was I thinking?! The other day I was plotting his demise, and now he’s extending his tiny paw in friendship.  I’m on the verge of taking some carrots out to the barn for him.  It would be a kind gesture on my part.  Yes, it would be kind, but would it be wise?  Only time will tell, because I have never befriended a rodent.

A New Year and new friends du jour

The other day upon entering my barn I saw a little “blob” next to a horse’s stall. I realized it was a rabbit, seemingly in a dream state. I stopped to see if it was still breathing, and it nonchalently hopped away, showing no fear. I thought if this little guy is a friend of the horses, he’s a friend of mine. He had been spotted occasionally in the previous months, but I really thought he had met his demise out in the field. Apparently, he has set up house with the horses. I guess I really didn’t mind the little bugger living there, until I saw that he has a companion. They were happily strolling together around the perimeter of the barn. Now, the old saying, breeding like a rabbit flashed across my mind. Unless they’re old mates of the same sex, I’ve got a problem. Immediately upon returning to my house, I sat down at the computer to surf for “how to rid of rabbits”. It appears that I have several options:

1) I can mix a potion of red pepper, water, vegetable oil, glue (?), and liquid dishwashing detergent; however, that’s a mixture to spray around plants. They’re in my barn – hello.

2) I can purchase motion detector statue frogs that croak. Supposedly, the rabbits run when they hear the croak. Well, I have a Rottie that can’t keep them away, so what’s next?

3) I can get a cage and make a veggie trail to the opening and trap them. Once trapped, I can drive them five miles away and release them to the wild or perhaps down the road to a neighbor’s yard? I might have to don a black hood and attire. My luck they’d find their way home. I guess driving to the next town is my best bet.

Well, as cute as these creatures are, I’m certain that I only want them as ‘friends du jour’. Now I know what happened to my beautiful juniper plant. These rodents’ days are numbered.