Need more bats in the belfry

Seriously, we do need more bats.  Today my husband and I attended a lecture on living with wildlife presented by a certified wildlife rescuer and organized by our local county extension office.  My thinking regarding "pests" beforehand morphed into a new found respect and a desire to learn more about our eco-system.  I knew there was a rhyme and reason to Mother Nature’s food chain but never dwelled on it.  For instance, bats, as everyone knows, eat mosquitoes.  I was totally unaware that the bat population is dwindling to a dangerous low.   We were sitting in a crowded room in the back of an old mercantile building, with skunks (I kid you not) in the crawl space of this old structure. ( Skunks, I might add, are docile creatures, another enlightenment of the day.) The lecturer asked for more questions, and I heard an old gruffy voice, "How d’ya git rid of bats in attics?  There’s droppins all over the floor."  I thought, "ye-e-u-w."  The expert was quick to point out that we do not want to get rid of them but rather find a way to prevent them from entering the attic.  In other words, get them back outside.  Mosquitoes are carriers of the West Nile virus and many other illness producing viruses, and the human population is in grave danger if we ever lose the bat.  I am sickened as I remember years ago my mother wildly swinging a broom at a bat and trying to pound the life out of it, just because it was in the house.  The lecture lasted for 3 1/2 hours and covered a vast array of animals, large and small.

There is just too much information to fit in this post, but I can add that the cottontail rabbit is one of three animals that can be relocated legally, but not without detriment to the animal.  In fact, I did witness a couple of weeks ago a fight between two rabbits in our back yard, while Maddie screamed and ran towards our house.  It appeared that one of the rabbits was not welcomed.  I wonder if someone relocated the strange rabbit to our property? My husband and I both agreed on the way home, there will be no relocation for Maddie.

My socks don’t match

"My socks don’t match", said my husband while having coffee this morning. I silently thought to myself, Dem’s fightin words .  Well, it didn’t turn into an altercation, just because, my mind was wandering.  During our morning chat and before I downed my first cup of java, I was concerned that perhaps I shouldn’t be feeding the wild bunnies .  Yesterday at suppertime little Maddie came gleefully racing and bouncing across the yard for his carrot feast.  The coyotes have been hanging around too much lately.  Could I be leading Maddie to his demise? My husband and I are going to attend a lecture given by wildlife agents this Saturday.  They will discuss how we can deal with the variety of animals that dwell in our surroundings.  I know I’ll hear that I shouldn’t be feeding our little madcaps. "Why do I have five socks that don’t match?", questioned my husband.  Maybe it’s true. Washing machines do eat socks. "I have no socks to wear." he continued.  Sensing that he was going to be relentless in this matter, I suggested, "Why don’t you wear two dark socks? No one will know it’s not a matching pair."  I chuckled when my mind wandered back to when I was six years old, getting ready for school.  This ‘sock thing’ stirred an old memory of me telling my mother ‘I don’t have socks.’  I was informed my socks were in the laundry,  ‘wear your brother’s socks’.  So, I, a little girly-girl, had to wear boys argyles to school.  Suddenly, my apathy towards my husband’s dilemma turned to empathy.  I went down to the laundry room to ferret out a pair of matching socks, all the while thinking, I hope the little bunny is around. Now that I have been out in the fresh air this morning, completed my barn chores, and saw that Maddie is still unscathed in his little world, I vow that my husband will always have matching socks.  I love you, man .

Bunny in Residence

Here’s my little friend, Maddie.  When I didn’t see him in the barn, I would worry.  Now I know where he spends a lot of his time.  During the day he snoozes on the patio underneath our deck.  He must feel secure, don’t you think?  I’ve been warned that I’ll be a blubbering fool, when I see a hawk swoop down and carry him away.  There is always somebody in the crowd, who must remind us of the reality of things.

I was tagged?

I guess the new game in blogging is getting tagged. I’ve been tagged by my daughter, and she says I probably won’t play. However, I’ll give it my best shot.

1. Make a list of things you can see without getting up:
My HP printer, desk lamp, scanner, old carved table, lots of old books, a wicker wastebasket, my grandmother’s old desk (not a pricey one, but I sat at it as a little girl), a twisted, metal CD holder that my husband bought and I don’t know why.

2. Favorite football team:   The Vikes, I like their logo.

3. Who is the most famous person you know?  I saw a famous drummer, Buddy ?,  at a London restaurant, but I cannot remember his last name.

4.  What’s the last thing you read/are currently readingWomen’s Letters, America from the Revolutionary War to the Present.  Diaries and letters are my favorite reads, oh, I must add, unauthorized biographies.

5. Who was the last person you hugged? My dear husband

6. What’s your current obsession/addiction?  Yarn, yarn, and more yarn, and let’s throw in some quilting fabrics

7. What was the last thing you bought?  Groceries from King Sooper’s.  KS has a good variety of stuff.

8 What was the last thing you said aloud? “So, you’re going to bring in the horses?”

9. What are you listening to right now?  The clicking of the PC keyboard

10.  What is your favorite weather, and why? My favorite weather is autumn.  I love the cool temps, the colors, and the fragrance of the falling leaves.

11. What is your most challenging goal right now?  It’s a great challenge for me to sit our 16.2 Thoroughbred’s trot.  He’s a big mover.  I would like to become fit enough to keep my hiney in the saddle.

12.  Say something to the person who tagged you:  I love you, baby girl.

13. If you could have a house-totally paid for, fully furnished-anywhere in the world, where would you want to be? Edinburgh, Scotland – it’s a grand, old city.

14. Favorite vacation spot?  I would have to say Brussels, Belgium.

15.  What is your favorite children’s bookMorgan Morning, It’s a touching story.  When I read it to my daughter, (when she was young),  I discovered the compassion she had, as a three year old, for animals.

16. Name one thing you can’t resist no matter how bad it is for you: Large sugar cookies

17. Favorite hair product?  I don’t think I have a favorite product, but I do like my baseball caps to cover my hair.

18. What was the first tape or cd you ever bought yourself?  I haven’t the faintest idea.  I did have a lot of records as a kid.  Note the word, records.

19. Describe your perfect day:  This is easy.  Mine would be having breakfast with my husband at I-HOP, returning home to work on a knitting or quilting project, taking one of the horses for a spin, going for a long walk, then dining on take-out in front of the TV.

20.  What is your favorite outfit?   My old robe always looks great on me.

21.  Who is your favorite person and why?  ALL my loved ones, Why? just because

22.  I guess I add my own question here – let’s see….Do you prefer shakes or malts? I prefer shakes, and make mine chocolate. Thank you very much.

Who do I tag?  I’ll have to say, “The buck stops here.”   There is no one for me to tag, and suddenly, I feel lonely.

A good yarn, center-pull ball

I love my new yarn winder. For some time I’ve been hand winding skeins of yarn onto a toilet paper roll. I placed the skein around a dining chair’s legs (chair inverted, of course) and could sit for almost two hours winding a center pull ball, if it had a good amount of yardage. When I started knitting several years ago, I had no idea what items I would be amassing for this craft. I found that most of the necessities cost a few dollars, and I also learned to buy yarn marked down and pack away for a rainy day’s special project. Hobbies are usually more expensive in the beginning. I thought I was doing quite well, until I realized I needed a ball winder. Winding center pulls using a paper roll became laborious for me, especially when there were a number of skeins required for a project. It got to the point where I’d put the project aside and wait until I felt like winding another ball (which could be weeks) and/or wait until I had an empty toilet paper roll. I think the latter bugged me more. Anyway, while I was at a spinning lesson, I watched my instructor roll my new spun yarn onto a winder. I was impressed with the gadget and knew, I just had to have one . So, I bought one. After purchasing, the young sales clerk said, "You know you need a yarn swift, don’t you?" and I asked what it was. When she showed me a swift, I stated with confidence, "I use chair legs." (thinking I owned this novel idea) She said, "No , the yarn will get tangled." I asked how much they cost and was surprised at her answer. These items could range anywhere from $50 to $75. Since I just paid $55 for my winder (yes, it was over priced.), I decided that I’d look around for a while. I found some informative articles on the web by googling how to make a yarn swift . I went to our favorite DIY store and got the items required. My husband constructed it, while I did my interval training on the treadmill, and VOILA!