A good yarn, center-pull ball

I love my new yarn winder. For some time I’ve been hand winding skeins of yarn onto a toilet paper roll. I placed the skein around a dining chair’s legs (chair inverted, of course) and could sit for almost two hours winding a center pull ball, if it had a good amount of yardage. When I started knitting several years ago, I had no idea what items I would be amassing for this craft. I found that most of the necessities cost a few dollars, and I also learned to buy yarn marked down and pack away for a rainy day’s special project. Hobbies are usually more expensive in the beginning. I thought I was doing quite well, until I realized I needed a ball winder. Winding center pulls using a paper roll became laborious for me, especially when there were a number of skeins required for a project. It got to the point where I’d put the project aside and wait until I felt like winding another ball (which could be weeks) and/or wait until I had an empty toilet paper roll. I think the latter bugged me more. Anyway, while I was at a spinning lesson, I watched my instructor roll my new spun yarn onto a winder. I was impressed with the gadget and knew, I just had to have one . So, I bought one. After purchasing, the young sales clerk said, "You know you need a yarn swift, don’t you?" and I asked what it was. When she showed me a swift, I stated with confidence, "I use chair legs." (thinking I owned this novel idea) She said, "No , the yarn will get tangled." I asked how much they cost and was surprised at her answer. These items could range anywhere from $50 to $75. Since I just paid $55 for my winder (yes, it was over priced.), I decided that I’d look around for a while. I found some informative articles on the web by googling how to make a yarn swift . I went to our favorite DIY store and got the items required. My husband constructed it, while I did my interval training on the treadmill, and VOILA!

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