Doggie graffiti

What a beautiful April day!  I can honestly say with every fiber of my being that spring is actually here.  This morning was spent working on the bay window seat where Trix aka ‘My Marley’ clawed her graffiti on the wood.  I know the distressed wood look is created in new floor materials, but that’s flooring.  I went to the hardware store and purchased some wood filler, hoping that I could mask some of the chipped areas.  While there, I found a great metal rake.  It doesn’t take much to amuse me.  This has been a most interesting week, in which I treated myself to a posh handbag, a pale yellow.  From posh accessories to barn tools, both are equally appreciated.  As far as doggie graffiti, that isn’t.

Liar, liar, pants on fire

What was I saying the other day?  I’m springtime happy?  This spring storm took me by surprise, but it shouldn’t have.  It’s not as if I’m new to the area.  The TV weather announcers have been warning us the past few months of impending winter storms but nothing materialized.  I would dutifully fill the home with groceries and the barn with wood shavings and good abundance of hay.  When this present weather system was broadcast, I threw back my head,  gave a haughty laugh, and said, "Liar, liar, pants on fire."  The joke is on this sister.  In the future it would behoove me to believe the satellite weather map.  Let’s think of something positive!  I can work my quads while trodding through the snow?  I guess one thing about a snow storm is that it inspires me to bring out the CAMERA .

The ides

From the ides of March to the ides of April (yes, the 13th, something to do with the Roman calendar), I must have been stuck in a vacuum.  This morning I felt spring in the air and so did my equine buddies.  The guys were back to their old tricks of leaving the third horse behind, while I’m in the process of taking them out to the field. Three isn’t an easy number for groups, the third wheelthree’s a crowd, and so on and so forth.  This isn’t a deep subject to ponder, but it merits attention, especially when life or limb is at stake.  Walking a 1200 pound beast who’s intent on catching up with the other two is not a walk in the park.  It’s what I term a walk on the wild side. But, spring is once again in the air, and that’s good.  I feel revived and ready to take on any challenges that might come my way.

The past week I took a basic gun safety course, which should have been taken years ago.  I entered the classroom with a bit of trepidation, just because I knew that I had to digest a lot of info in a short amount of time and take a written test. Even though I had a few silly answers (I can’t stand multiple choice; it’s intended for evil trickery),  I passed.   With that said,  the second half of the day was spent at the shooting range.  I walked out there with LOTS of trepidation.  However, with every round, I gained more confidence and left with a respect for the weapon, armed with new knowledge and a desire to keep learning.

I’m undertaking knitting two socks simultaneously on double pointed needles.  Before completing the toes, it’s a delight to pull one sock out of the other.  I have a multitude of single socks packed away in my great grandmother’s cedar chest.  Now I can have a pair immediately, instant gratification.

My sewing room is once again cluttered with fabric scraps, which will be cut into pieced windmills. I shall post a photo of the completed quilt.  Pieced quilts suit my temperament, I believe.  Small shapes of various colors and designs keep it interesting, feeds my attention deficit disorder.

I look forward to the normal riding season.  I say normal, because I’m a fair weather rider.   Let’s face it; it’s just more pleasant to ride in mild, aromatic days than getting slapped in the face with wind and rain.

It is springtime, and I’m springtime happy.