Heart in hand

My daughter is encouraging me to volunteer at the local humane society.   I downloaded the application and will deliver it in person to the nearest center.  In the past years, we have had quite a few family pets, which have consisted of dogs and cats.  Our dogs were either purchased as puppies, given to us, or adopted from the local shelter.  Our cats were free with the exception of one Tabby kitten purchased at a pet shop, but the price included the kitten’s first immunization.  We loved them all, but we also have agreed that our very best companions were those that we rescued.  Our Rottie was adopted, and she has brought us and still brings us such loving friendship.  She was found wandering the roads in a neighboring state and taken to two different shelters in the course of four months.  Her photo was posted on the web, and my daughter sent me the link.  I was asked what I thought, and I thought she’s wild. However, we had just lost a pet to old age, and I needed another four-legged buddy that I could glue to my side.  I was willing to take a chance and check this jailbird out.  The rest is history.  I would have never found her if it wasn’t for the volunteers and staff who cared for her.  It’s time I give back to the community.  I have volunteered in the past for children and adults, and now it’s time I help with the animals.  After all, they’re God’s creatures.  I came across a touching statement, but it’s not known who said it: Volunteers are not paid — not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.

How true is that!  Volunteers go heart in hand .