I’m sitting in clutter, hence the new blog theme with piled papers.  It suits me better than images of bright, colorful manicured gardens.  The dentist office just called to remind me of my appointment on Monday morning.   It amazes me how the young assistant can maintain a cheerful if not downright perky attitude, when the dentist is known for his acidic demeanor. Back to flower images, it’s not that I don’t like pretty blooms, it’s just that I don’t have lavish foliage. My garden area is…..rustic.  So, what’s the point of showing a suburban-type garden, when I don’t have one?!  Anyway, when I sat down at my desk, my intent was to talk about my cluttered room, to where I always head, when I need to think.  😉  My old reference books, old photos, old papers (some of which look very important), old guitar (that hasn’t been  strummed in twenty-odd years), old music CDs (that have been replaced by itunes), old piano music stacked on floor (piano needs tuning),  all this and more give me solitude, warm memories, happy and sad.  This clutter represents years of events past and ongoing.  The stacks, at times rearranged and quickly dusted, are, in a sense, ingrained in this tiny room off the main living area.   Take away the clutter,  and the room would lose its ambient air.

I came across the following quote.

If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, what is the significance of a clean desk? Dr. Laurence J. Peter

I’ll tell you.  The significance of a clean desk is a BLANK mind.   🙂

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