No, I didn’t hear anything through the grapevine.  I’m referring to a move executed in aerobic exercise, which took me a considerable amount of time to understand the steps.  It was always done so fast by the instructor, while she screamed, “GRAPEVINE!!” over the loud boombox.  Of course, the week or two in past years, when I dragged myself to a class, was never a long enough period to develop ease of habit.  I was having to learn steps all over again, whenever I joined one.   However, it just occurred to me the other day I will no longer have to suffer the frustration of being dance challenged,  thanks to an invention called the DVD. 🙂   The advantage of utilizing an exercise DVD is that it can be paused for the step by step action. This is great for exercise class truants like me, who would rather high step in the privacy of my home.  With health care so pricey, I’ve decided I better do something for my health.  Therefore, I have chosen Bollywood dancing.  I was inspired to order the DVD after viewing short programs on FITTV.  The 15 minute segments on the satellite station seemed doable. After all the commercials gave a nice break.   Now I have the DVD, and let me tell ya, I have a new found respect for India’s culture.  It’s going to take more than a pretty costume and ankle bracelets to master the Bollywood dancing.  I need the long hair.

Better to hunt in fields for health unbought than fee the doctor for a nauseous draught. The wise for cure on exercise depend. John Dryden, a 17th century British poet

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