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Horses loaded, and they’re OFF!

Sunday afternoon on Father’s Day was spent at the racetrack along with hundreds of other dads.   Apparently, for many families it was a good choice on where to take dear old pops.  One can’t go wrong with an event involving horses, food, drink, and betting.  Upon entering the clubhouse, everybody was a winner, because the dads got in free and were given a golf towel as a token of appreciation.  As the afternoon rolled on, we found the towel came in handy for wiping up spilled beer.

This year’s winnings weren’t even close to what we brought home after one trek to the track in 2009. We blamed it on the crowd. There wasn’t any time to view the horses in the jockey area;  because if we wanted to place a bet,  we had to scramble into the clubhouse and stand in long lines.  One had to rely on the numbers printed in the program. What if we liked the name, Werehavinsomefunnow, but discover Werehavinsomefunnow is a long shot 20 to 1?!   Most of us prefer looking at horse flesh, before we sacrifice two bucks for a win, or even more so, place six bucks down on win, place, or show.  I bet money on one horse, a Quarterhorse.  I didn’t realize the distance to be run was 870 yards until after committing my money.  Oh, no, I chose a horse what I believed was more suited for the quarter mile.  My judgment and expertise will be questioned. 🙂  All was well.   My horse, Better Beduino, a six year old sorrel gelding, came in 2nd.  I had purchased a win, place or show; therefore, I won a total of $8.60 and came out $2.60 ahead.  It’s better than a poke in the eye.

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