While sitting atop a John Deere 855 tractor mowing high grass, I was thinking I have nothing but respect for our pioneer trailblazers of yesteryear.  To travel in a cumbersome wagon pulled by beasts of burden over unrelenting terrain was an act of sheer courage and determination.  All I wanted was a wide enough swath on which to ride my little mare.  It’s surprising how much a tractor can lean in a small depression in the ground, especially when the high grasses hide the unevenness of it.  My heart would race as fast as the engine, whenever the green machine dipped to an angle.  At one point I found myself in about 8 inches of water and muck and the tractor sounded like a swamp boat.  Thank goodness for four wheel drive and a little lever to shut off the turning blades!  I eventually managed to cut some good paths but not without some blood, sweat, tears, and cussing.  At least at the end of my endeavor I could retreat to the comfort of my house and not have to circle any wagons and set up camp.

Culinary tip

Cooking has never been my forte.  There are times my prepared meals could choke a horse and set off the fire alarm.   Cooking techniques were not passed down from generation to generation.  Cookbooks were passed down, but not the let me take you under my wing and show you how to use the turkey baster type of instruction. All secret tips were heavily guarded or perhaps there weren’t any.

However, I need to break tradition and share some useful information with everybody.  NEVER, EVER put Jack Daniels in a marinating sauce for beef, and then cook it in a George Foreman grill.  That’s it.  That’s my tip.

Happy Birthday, Dougal boy


While watering the blooms this morning,  I was musing how colorful it is this time of year and how pretty it’ll be when we barbecue for the 4th.  A spray of cold water slapped me in the face, and I remembered today is Doog’s birthday.  My little guy is 1 year old.  He escorts me around the house and is going to be very handy, when I begin to totter.