Blood, sweat, but no tears

In the past two years of writing in my online journal,  the month of August has been a quiet one, as far as my thoughts go.  🙂  This year’s August has proven differently.  The fact of the matter is that I discovered my mind can wander away from a task at hand and create chaos.  If I can offer any advice,  I would say pay close attention when you’re handling a rotary cutter.   While working on a quilt, which was promised to my daughter a year ago,  I was  cutting fabric with vibrant color.  I was thinking my daughter will enjoy wrapping this quilt around her, while she enjoys a good read. Then, as my thoughts turned to her recent fender bender, the metal blade clashed with my thumb.   My wound was more than a scratch, so I wrapped a clean cloth around it and proceeded up the stairs to find my husband to inform him  of my misadventure.  After a brief altercation, I was driven to urgent care in the next town.  Sporting old sweatpants, a disheveled t-shirt, barn tennies, and an unkempt do (just lazy weekend attire),  I told the doc to give me a shot of whiskey and a stick to hold between my teeth.  He refused and proceeded to stitch up my thumb.  No numbing was needed anyway; there was no drama.  The doctor said there might be a scar, but I replied my modeling days were over.  On the way home, I was treated to a vanilla custard in a waffle cone.  That alone will help in the healing process.  🙂  In reflection,there were no tears along with the blood and sweat, just disappointment with my inattentiveness.

The quilt has been entitled Blood, Sweat,but No Tears.  I will post a photo of this memorable endeavor upon completion.

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