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A racehorse is an animal that can take several thousand people for a ride at the same time.
~Author Unknown

What a glorious day at the races! This morning we decided to chuck the chores and head for the local race track. My husband and I jumped into our little roadster, stopped at the car wash, then lunched at Arby’s for roast beef and curly fries. We might as well make a big date out of it. We managed to arrive before race #1. There was time to look at the horses before placing our first bet. The equines all looked like athletes, so we had to depend on one’s attitude and if there was a twinkle in the eye. Forget about the numbers, races won/lost, the speed of the horse, etc., I didn’t have my reading glasses anyway. We bet on a total of six races throughout the day, and here’s what transpired:

Race 1 – Thoroughbred MAIDEN – One of two horses that we chose to win did, Silvers T Bar. We could tell this fine dark beauty wanted to get the heck out of Dodge. And, that she did. We won $4.20.

Race 2 – Two year olds, Paints and Appaloosas – We had never watched a race with these breeds, but we did own a Paint mare years ago, a sway back but sweet. Our only knowledge of the Appaloosa is that our farrier refuses to trim two year old Appaloosa mares. We opted for Good as Gone, because this little filly looked, smug , and we think she’s a Paint. Another winner and another $4.20.

Race 3 – Thoroughbred CLAIMING $4,000 – Slew’s Bet, a bay mare, won us $9.80. My husband said the horse is out of the Seattle Slew line. That’s great, but the other mare, Teralisha, who came in third, has a owner with the name of Marilyn. I thought that rather nice.

To the betting window, gleefully, to place our bets on Race 4 – Quarterhorse MAIDEN – I personally had my heart set on Chicks Fiona, a saucy dark bay, but she was second from last. I thought since the horse was from Arizona, she’d run fast in our cooler air. At least, she had a good time out with the girls.

Race 5 – Thoroughbred MAIDEN – We are now humbled. NOBODY on our ticket even placed. We sipped on a hot cup of coffee and discussed should we stay or should we go?.

Race 6 – Quarterhorse ALLOWANCE – one more for auld lang syne, then we’ll go home and feed the dogs. One of the horses, Really On a Run, (oh, really?) came in third, but my husband and I were tired now, and a bit miffed that the horse, Off Fishing, won. (what a fake out of a name) 🙂

However, it was a good day. We won a total of $18.20. Along with our loss of $11.80, we spent $2 on coffee, $2 on the program, and 50 cents for a pencil. We left $1.90 ahead. Therefore, we are winners.

buds and bikes

Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.
~A.A. Milne

I’m confident my little garden will have an explosion of color once the wildflower seed takes hold. This tiny patch of ground has an assortment of native plants, perennials, and annuals. Every day since the start of planting season I’ve dutifully tended to its care. It might not be up to the standards of master gardening, but, at least, it shows that I like to dig in the dirt. For the past three years there was one flowering perennial, which name escapes me at this moment, that always struggled through the elements. This year, for some odd reason, it didn’t bloom; it was growing high but not blooming. Upon close inspection, I discovered that I was giving TLC to a weed.

On a happier note I acquired a Honda Rebel without a cause . (I like to say that.) Now I can practice riding at my own leisure and even have a videographer/instructor, my husband. The Rebel is similar in looks to the Harley Sportster, so I refer to it as the “mini-me”.

Rebel"mini-me" and Harley

Got the boot, again

Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn’t know that so it goes on flying anyway. ~Mary Kay Ash

Eagerly, I attended another group motorcycle class this weekend. Once again, the instructor strongly suggested that I leave the class and take more lessons before returning. I might be out of line here, but I thought that is what instructors do, instruct. Anyway, I can take a hint and left the assemblage with my dignity and a big knot in my leg muscle.

Here’s what transpired during my second attempt at becoming a HOG person. I was confident after my two hours of private instruction a couple of weeks ago that I could keep up with the lot. Yes, I can do this. During the preliminary instruction of “power walking”, which in turn leads to gaining speed and placing feet on the pegs, I discovered, much to my dismay, that the bike had a “minor” mechanical bug. There was some loose connection between the throttle and the engine. The instructor admitted he needed to make an adjustment and tried, but the screwdriver wasn’t long enough. So, I’m told to give it more juice than usual. Here I go again. More juice? I’m struggling to learn how to safely utilize the throttle, and now I have to be concerned about the mechanical soundness. That certainly doesn’t help one, such as me, who is mechanically challenged in the first place. I’m pleased to say I survived and looked forward to shifting up to second gear. Besides, we can’t go on living in first gear all our lives. I succeeded in shifting and coming to a controlled stop while shifting back down to first. I practiced this repeatedly until lunchtime. I had a good feeling that I was going to complete the course. Plus, I was coping well with the stern, commanding voice of a sergeant major, type A personality. I wondered who was more agitating, him or my tenth grade PE teacher. After lunch and a full belly, I strutted to my bike, mounted, and proceeded to follow the next exercise. Well, this is where my world started to crumble. I had a slight hunch that the party was over, when I came to a wild, abrupt stop and while looking up from the ground, I saw the fear on my instructor’s face.

Now I ponder if I’m like the little bumblebee. Perhaps I’m not capable of riding a Harley, or any motorbike for that matter, and don’t know it yet. Is this considered confidence or foolhardiness? I’m going to give it another stab, because, after all, Sarge told me not to give up; I can do it. bzzz-zzz