summer surprise

Your first job is to prepare the soil.
The best tool for this is your neighbor’s garden tiller.
If your neighbor does not own a garden tiller, suggest that he buy one.
~ Dave Barry

surprise star shaped flower

It never fails that I’ll discover a bloom that I had forgotten was planted and/or the name of it. I found this lilac colored beauty after a torrential downpour. Perhaps I hadn’t been watering it enough. I’m always entertained when watching a gardening show, in which the host of the program is visiting a guest gardener and following her around the showcased botanical wonders. The lady of the estate is pointing to her works of art and says with ease, this lovely shrub is the Buxus Sempervirens ‘Marginata’, also known as the Variegated Boxwood. Now, I, (and I don’t want to boast, but I think I have something similar) would say while pointing to it, this is the funny bush that hasn’t done too well after transplanting.

My wildflowers that I planted from seed are growing like wildfire. I was pleased to find something on the order of a fern but soon became dismayed, upon close inspection, it’s a weed. What a shame, because it looked rather nice. When I pulled every “fern” out of the ground, I noticed a flower had opened on one of the neighboring bushes. It was as if it said, thank you, I can breathe now. I guess if I were a flower, I wouldn’t want the bully plant crowding me out, either.

As far as the name of the flower pictured above, I shall call it the “surprise star”, at least until I’m enlightened by a knowledgeable gardener.

nonsensical activity

“In a world of nonsense, everything something is, it isn’t, everything it would be, wouldn’t, and everything it wasn’t, was.”

Harley hat rackUnwanted foliage in arena

What do the two above photos have in common? nothing The one to the left is a Harley bike with various hats hanging on the handle bars. The one to the right is my riding arena overwhelmed with deep rooted weeds.

How is it that I can exert energy by pulling stubborn weeds in a 200′ x 100′ area, but I cannot hang my hat on the appropriate wall that I’m walking past?