soothing sounds

Mark it, Cesario;  it is old and plain.
The spinsters and the knitters in the sun
And the free maids that weave their thread with bones
Do use it to chant it: it is silly sooth,
And dallies with the innocence of love,
Like the old age.

~Shakespeare, Twelfth Night


My knitting needles have provided a soothing sound for the past four months.  The above projects, three of which are unfinished , a bamboo knitted summer hat, a bamboo and metallic mohair ruffled scarf/shawl,  and a silk/cotton moebius,  are presently keeping me entertained in front of the television. The blue and green cotton from the cone scarf/shawl in the lower left corner is completed.  I also managed to knit three shrugs, two fancy scarves with ruffles, and one pair of socks, all finished, mind you.   The items in the latter bunch are either given away, stored in a drawer, or on the feet of the recipient. You could say I have been rockin and rollin.

I am sipping on green tea while wondering when my next yarn order will arrive at the post office.  A lacey top has been bookmarked.  I’m also a bit abashed at forgetting the yarn that I purchased for a hiker’s vest.  It’s a yummy slub wool with tones of green, shown below.

yarn for vest

I have been content to remain indoors working on my projects while watching spy thriller series on Netflix.  However, today’s mild weather offers an opportunity to take the Harley for a ride.  I’m suddenly reminded there is another world out there. I hope the yarn order will fit in the bike’s saddlebag. 🙂

is that all there is

Speak your mind, but ride a fast horse.

cowboy logic

My husband and I planned an excursion into Denver to watch the annual National Western Livestock show’s kick-off parade. For the past twenty odd years we had seen clips of the event on TV but this year decided to join the crowds alongside the route down 17th Street from Union Station.  Furthermore, with the stress-free light rail that takes us right into the hustle, bustle of the city, all we need to bring is our enthusiasm and some cash. We arrived an hour before the high noon start, so we enjoyed a small but pricey lunch in an old establishment, the Paramount, on the 16th Street mall. I love old buildings.  Along with the architecture, I revel in the thought of all the people, everyday citizens, those of celebrity status, and even thugs that have been there throughout the years, throughout the happenings.

Cattle moving through the old cow town

Afterward we took a stroll for three blocks to find sunshine and heard the bell toll twelve times from the clock tower signaling the start of the parade. The above photo shows the first group, modern day cowboys with their longhorn steers, leading the procession down the concrete path.  Strangely, it appeared the cattle had done this before or perhaps the cowpokes were just really good at what they do.


The cavalry arrived with no fanfare.  We were unable to read the insignias on their hats and therefore, we had no idea what company this group was re-enacting.  It would have been nice to hear the commands of a drill sergeant.  Everyone knows that the cavalry was in this old cow town multitude of times in our state’s history, so what were they representing?

bright red coachThe above photo speaks for itself.  All parades need a stage coach.  It certainly makes me appreciate present day transportation.

young patrioticsThe above young patriots were in middle of the procession.  Organized riding groups that are comprised of teenagers are always wonderful to watch. Knowing the confidence and assiduousness required to participate in a performing riding team is impressive.

As far as the remaining groups, there were lots of limousine businesses showcasing what vehicles they offered. There were other horse riders sporting soiled hoodies, baseball caps, and the occasional western wide brim.  It was remarkably blah.  Maybe I held too high of expectations for this event, but it brought to mind an old song sung by Peggy Lee.  I was just a kid when it was on the radio, but I have never forgotten the repeated chorus:

Is that all there is, is that all there is
If that’s all there is my friends, then let’s keep dancing
Let’s break out the booze and have a ball
If that’s all there is