It is as bad knowing it is Sunday because there are fish cakes for breakfast.    –      Mark Twain – quoted in Isabel Lyon’s Journal, June 9, 1906

I’m typically a creature of habit.  My routine has always been settling to my type of temperament, probably because I’ve always had something or someone to care for. (I know I shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition, but I did.)  Yesterday I broke from the predictable schedule of everyday lockstep and went to see a movie that started at 7:15 pm.  This put me past my 9 pm let’s call it a day.  My husband and I usually will go earlier when the ticket prices are 5 bucks, and we’re awake.  However, we decided to live large and see a film, Safe House. I have to admit the fast paced action and fractious surround sound kept me alert and entertained.  The quiet dialogues that can bring relief to an on-the-edge thriller were few and far between.  My husband only dozed off once. And, even though I had already consumed my popcorn and Milk Duds an eighth into the story, it didn’t matter.  I was in Capetown, South Africa.  It was a good sojourn.

Upon reflection, the month of February usually brings ennui.  I have whined before and called it Fickle Feb , which sounds unpredictable. Perhaps I don’t like unpredictability?  🙂  At any rate, breaking routine can be medicinal, and I have vowed, hereon in, to take an occasional dose.