didn’t promise you a rose garden

“A garden is always a series of losses set against a few triumphs, like life itself. “

May Sarton

I have the upmost respect for master gardeners. Every year around this time, I seriously consider what to plant in my tiny garden plot.  And, it is embarrassingly small for the amount of acreage we have.  And, every year I have visions of creating an aromatic, profuse array of blooms that meander around secret garden paths.  It just isn’t going to happen.  But, a girl can dream, can’t she?

unknown bushThe above bush, which name escapes me, is a needy plant.  It requires too much water, and why it is even sold in this area, perplexes me.  Therefore, its days are numbered.

lead plantAbove are my lead plants, native to the mountain region and found growing near old mines.  I fear I might have cut them back too much last fall.  These were crowding out other plants that didn’t receive much sun, and in a frenzy, I began to hack away at them.  I don’t know what overcame me, but I do know it wasn’t proper gardening techniques.

I would love to add an element of surprise and go beyond the perimeters of the garden bed. But, as usual, what I plant will most likely end up potted in containers.

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