where antelope play

“The biggest and best home entertainment system is provided by Mother Nature.”

While reading the morning newspaper, our eyes were diverted to two antelope trying to cross from the field on the other side of the road over to our yard.  One was obviously determined to reach our driveway, while the other patiently watched.   One moment the curious one would act hell-bent on crossing, only to hesitate when one of our dogs barked. There was an urgent matter to which he needed to attend.  What it was,  I would soon discover.  But, before I did, we enjoyed what could be called a “viral video” moment. Unfortunately and so typically, there was no video camera in reach while the scene unfolded.  When a jogger headed west down the road, he was soon followed by the two antelope, romping merrily after him! They stayed on their side of the road, and we could see the runner was amazed at what was transpiring.  The two antelope kept him in sight and even turned left around the corner of the field in order to follow him down another country road.  My husband and I had never witnessed wild animals displaying this kind of behavior and were so captivated by their antics. As I had mentioned previously, I discovered what it was that the little guy was trying to reach…my tulips.

tulipsAs you can see, there are some blossoms neatly trimmed from the stems.  They’re tidy eaters.  🙂

I tried to snap a photo of one while he managed to enter our property.  Needless to say, a camera on a Samsung phone isn’t the best tool to capture wildlife.

thiefThe artful dodger

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