time is not on my side

“Let not the sands of time get in your lunch.”      ~Tony Hendra

The last time I posted was mid-June, six weeks ago.  We are to take life one day at a time, but I believe the summer went by, bundled.  All I remember are the daylight hours of extreme prickly heat, the dry hard clay ground sporting open cracks,  my feeble attempts at watering doomed flower beds, and the evening hours perched in front of a noisy fan while I idly watched reruns on TV.  The brittle pasture grass still cracks under my feet.  But, what happened to the past six weeks?   I believe it was encapsulated in one large BTU.  The severe heat rash on my neck punctuated the end of July.  The sweltering temps seem to be numbered now that we’re getting some cooler air.  It brings delightful relief, and I’m ready to take on the things I need to do, the places I need to go, and the people I need to meet.  The heat rash has diminished and I still feel bad about my neck, but that, along with time, is a given. 🙂

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