dropping the ego


In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.

– Deepak Chopra

Throughout the years around animals, large and small, I have been stomped on, tossed off, knocked over, pushed away, and hauled around. This movement and chaos has caused sore muscles, a broken bone or two, but most of all a bruised ego.  I always thought I recovered nicely from this chance-medley until I joined a yoga class three weeks ago.  It has brought a whole new awareness of mind and body.  I eagerly looked forward to this activity that lends itself to meditation.  It’s called alignment-based Vinyasa Flow.  Movements are continuous along with proper breath control.  I am becoming familiar with the downward dog pose, which always seems to be the stance taken before negotiating other movements.  Whether we’re going to stand up or lay down or stretch sideways, we must perform the downward facing dog.  There are times I don’t want to come out of the child’s pose, because I know I must go into the downward dog. I want to shout leave me alone.  How can I reach a meditative state if I’m flopping around and landing like a beached whale?!  I’m slowly realizing that it has nothing to do with my strength and flexibility, or lack of, at the moment.  That will be acquired through practice, and, most of all, by dropping the ego. For only by dropping the ego will I reach a controlled meditative state.  I am pleased to say namaste at the end of the sixty minute session for I am learning to appreciate the stillness that can be reached through perseverance.