house of the rising dough

The aroma of home baked bread evokes memories of a warm kitchen on a winter’s morning and grandmother’s ruffled apron, and my grandma didn’t even bake.

I’m on a mission to learn the craft of bread baking.   I’ve been scouring the Internet for recipes, my old cookbooks, and browsing through the newspaper’s food section to find “novice” recipes.  I would consider a recipe suitable for a greenhorn to be one that doesn’t require hours of rising.  However, I’ve as yet to come across one that doesn’t.  I’ve purchased the unbaked loaves and popped them in the oven for the eight minutes suggested on the package.  However, it’s not the same.  The only way to acquire the lingering scent of yeast dough is by kneading on a floured surface, rising for two hours, punching it down, rising for another two hours, then preparing as a loaf or individual rolls.  Whatever you choose, it will need another hour of rising.  There is much trial and error in bread baking.  When I prepared a white sweet bread called nisu, (Finnish word for wheat) I learned the importance of using unbleached flour versus bleached.  I also learned if there is an apparatus available for kneading, use it.  One doesn’t need an expensive bread machine; a good stand mixer will do the trick.  My goal is to bake brioche, which is a delectable light bread.  Brioche requires minimum 10 hours of rising time.  The dough is also refrigerated up to two days to allow for the flavor to develop and then risen again in a warm spot before baking.  Most girls my age no longer want to spend hours in the kitchen, and I will admit, I’m not a slave to my Jenn-Air.  I just equate home baked bread with grandmas, and I’m going to be a grandma this summer.

short and tweet

Brevity is the soul of wit.    ~William Shakespeare , Hamlet

For the past few months  I’ve been pondering what to share on my Twitter page,  since the first and, so far, only tweet was in August, 2012.   I haven’t taken the time to learn more about this world arena just because I nearly had a meltdown typing the one sentence.  I’ve never been wordy and have no idea what is preventing me from sharing a simple thought.  I so admire the tweeter who in 140 characters or less can provoke a barrage of responses.   I’m not looking to be the life of the party; I just would like to enjoy a few delightful exchanges.  To be able to check my smart phone for recent repartee seems so avant-garde.  When I was searching for ones to follow, I found my daughter, who states, I’m just a girl in the world.  Perhaps I should state I’m just a girl’s mother in the world.  Or more concisely, I’m one #mother.  Hashtags supposedly draw attention to a subject.   I’ll get off this subject, since flippancy is never appreciated.  But, before I sign off, let me address another social media, Facebook.  FB can be an unwelcoming playground.  I will simply state if you don’t want to see photos of the recent pair of socks I knitted, that’s your loss.  Maybe I should tweet that?