canine camaraderie

“If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving Fido only two of them.”                          – Phil Pastoret

For the past few days, we’ve had Reiley and Carly, the city slickers, visiting.  Our two canines have been accommodating hosts.  They share the sofas, the five calorie Milk-Bone biscuits, and the chewy toys.  All have their designated sleeping spots, Doogie, Reiley, Carly upstairs in the same room, and Trixie in her basement retreat behind the patio window curtain. They go on hiking excursions around the field, in unison or in two’s.  Trixie, the senior among the group, usually acts the loner, but lately, she has been a reliable trekking guide.  We’ll always keep our eye on Trix, because she has been known to lead another dog to the road.  She’s such a tease.  Puppy Carly idolizes our Shepherd mix, Doogie , and can’t contain her enthusiasm and smothers him with kisses.  Of course, this is typical puppy behavior, but we like to think otherwise.  It’s entertaining.  Reiley, the rabbit hunter extraordinaire, is so focused on his outside endeavors that he forgets where he is.  He now wears a collar that signals a reminder to listen for a command.  It’s a contraption worn around the neck, similar to a device around the ankle sported by thugs under house arrest.  Reiley is happier now that he has some freedom, but like a kid, he needs to know his boundaries.  All in all, the pooches have a good time and return to their respective lifestyles refreshed and back into their zen-like states.  What about my husband and me, the camp counselors?  We dream of busting out of our boundaries and heading to the casinos in the hills.  Stay tuned.


 Carly, at right, thinking of what to do next….Doogie, left, wondering what the youngster is going to do


The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears.  ~John Vance Cheney

Yesterday was a humbling reminder of how we have no control over life’s forces.  Anticipated events can become sidelined in a split second.  Plans are folded away in drawers, stacked on shelves or stored in a closet for future access.  Yesterday was also a reminder of why I journal.  I have an inextinguishable need to document my present day interests, my familial ties, my passions. Words are stored on 1024 MB of disk space.  While sifting through this database of verbiage, one thing that remains constant is my love for my family.  When daylight was breaking, there was a veil of fog that enveloped the house and field. I couldn’t help but feel wrapped in an ethereal blanket of comfort.  Yesterday brought heartbreak, but today offers another day in time. Time will begin to heal the wounded hearts of a young couple who longed for their little babe.  In future months, this sadness will merely be reflected in this archived post and blessings realized in the many yesterdays to come.