1st race of the season

I bet on a great horse yesterday! It took seven horses to beat him.   UKjockey

The first race of the season is held on Memorial Day weekend.  During the playing of the national anthem my heart filled with unparalleled love and respect for our nation’s brave men and women of the Armed Forces. For without them, I wouldn’t be standing in the sunshine on a picture perfect day watching American bred horses race while I enjoy refreshments and chuckles with Trooper.  It’s a sobering moment.

This year I decided not to place any bets, because I didn’t feel like making a beeline for the windows.  I preferred to choose “names” that tickled my fancy and see where in the pack the horses placed.  We stayed for five races which gave us several hours to view Thoroughbreds, Arabs, and Appendix Quarterhorses and get us home in time to feed the dogs.

Race #1:  Thoroughbreds

SAMSUNGHere’s Impaired, a Kentucky-bred bay colt getting ready for his jockey.  I thought his name might imply he was wacky but just the opposite.  He entered the saddling area quietly and nonplussed about the event.  In previous races he was known to take wide trips and no rally.  What a surprise this handsome guy was!  If he wasn’t passed near the finish line, he would have placed second. On a side note, Trooper’s selection, Never Say Know, came in last.

Race #2: Arabians

SAMSUNGA horse is a horse, of course, of course, unless it’s Mister Edd.  Hey! Where’s Mister Edd?  I had snapped a photo, but the little gray guy was no where to be seen.  I figured he had lightening speed or my camera was slow to capture a pic.  It didn’t matter, because I discovered he had been scratched from the race.

Race #3: Thoroughbreds

SAMSUNGTwisted Memories is wearing pink. He’s a pretty boy who never raced before but did well enough to show he’s one of the gang. He stayed in the middle throughout the whole race.

Race #4: Thoroughbreds

SAMSUNGWearing orange is Homerun King. I figured any name with king in it had to be a noble selection.  He did make it to the home run, but where he was in the pack escapes me.  If I remember correctly, my attention was directed towards a little boy blowing a bird whistle.

Race #5: Quarterhorse

SAMSUNGLethal Runaway, a sorrel colt, had been termed erratic in one previous race. I was interested to see how he fared in his first race of 2013.  I have no idea where he was.  By this time I had had enough sunshine and fresh air and missed my afternoon nap.  Also, I was listening to Trooper tell me he chose a winner but failed to place a bet due to standing in a long line to buy cotton candy for me.  It was a good day, but I think the next race I’ll return to the betting window.



biggest garage sale in town

“Things are going very well. I traded a thumbtack for Meredith’s junk, for Kelly’s crap, for Phyllis’s garbage, for Oscar’s trash, for Stanley’s crap, for Ryan’s junk, for Creed’s garbage, for a very cute squid that Erin happen to have.”         Dwight on The Office

Since my last post, I suffered a severe case of the blahs, for lack of a better word.  When the weather is unpredictable as it was, I find I have an inexplicable need to jump on a bandwagon or sign up for a crusade.  Since I had no desire to travel too far afield, I settled for stringing beads.  In all actuality,  I knew then that the 6mm spheres of glass could only hold my interest for so long.  One Saturday we had a brilliant idea of searching for garage sales, and what better garage sale than the city’s flea market.  This place is so large that there are lettered streets to navigate the plethora of booths and shops containing clothing, housewares, food, and antiques.  There are people selling new wares, used wares, and maybe even some hot wares.  I admire the shopper who can browse the cluttered tables and find a creative use for some dirty, worn object. It’s an inherent talent.  I look at the mess and wonder why I’m there.  We did manage to find something of use, a leather vest for my husband and some gaudy earrings to sport to the biker bar for myself.  The leather, imported from the far east, smelled as if it had been transported by camel.  As far as my ornate earrings, the lady seller said I made an excellent choice.  It was a good day, and it pulled me out of the doldrums in time for horse racing season.