Happy Birthday, USA!

The United States is the only country with a known birthday.          

James G. Blaine

July 4th is the biggest birthday celebration of all!  It’s more than hot dogs, S-mores, sparklers, and a day off from work.  We come together and celebrate the birth of this nation…the best in the world.  We celebrate our independence and the brave souls who fought and are still fighting to keep us from tyranny.  My husband and I decided to join in the spirit of the occasion and take a ride on our Harley Dyna Switchback, an American made motorcycle.

photo (2)

But, before venturing out on the road,  we grilled our boneless sirloin steaks on too high a heat along with the corn-on-the-cob and Texas toast.  When we sat down to enjoy the fare, we realized that we didn’t prepare a dessert nor did we pick up a 12 pack of beer.  After finishing the culinary delight, we donned our boots, gloves, and helmets and headed for the local drive-in where we ordered a chocolate shake and Dr. Pepper.  It satiated our sweet tooths but not our desire for an American brew.  This directed us to the next town that houses our favorite biker bar.  We were pleased to discover that designated drivers got free soda, and I was more than pleased that I wasn’t the driver.  The bar was packed with a variety of revelers.  There were ones with muscle shirts revealing farmer tans, tattooed Sons of Silence (what are they silent about?!), the Combat Veterans with impressive patches on their jackets, girls modeling tight leather vests that provided more cleavage than a Wonderbra, low cut shorts that displayed tramp stamps on their lower backs, and head bandanas with the American flag design to promote their patriotism.  Another fashion statement made here was a muffin top. 🙂  There was a live band that consisted of mature men playing the oldies from the sixties.  Every ten minutes or so, they would shout out, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA!  The band packed it in at 6 pm.  I don’t know if it had to do with their contract or their age.  Nevertheless, my husband and I fed off the energy of the rowdy crowd.  There was much merriment, and we were, after all, sharing it with our fellow Americans.