I’m just saying…

It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.   from Great Expectations

The past 22 days have been spent anticipating spring. There are days when warm sunshine and gentle breezes have invited us to shed our leather biker chaps.  As usual, old man winter is still questioning if he should stay or should he go.  My internal clock is having difficulty adjusting even though we’re in daylight saving time. The icy temps force me to remain indoors to work on craft projects, a bit of baking, cooking a home meal or two, and snoozing.  (It doesn’t have to be inclement weather in order to snooze. But, you get the drift.)  I have resumed my quilting endeavors in preparation for a little guy due in June.  The quilt has the Dr. Seuss theme, Oh, the places you will go.  I will share the completed project in my journal after it has been presented to the parents at the baby shower held in May.  My thoughts periodically are directed towards what I’ll be sharing with my future grandchild.  I become ecstatic at the thought of a little kid calling me, Gran, or whatever sound which might emanate from his tiny lips.  I have been forewarned that we don’t always get the moniker we desire.  At any rate, there are goals to reach in the next several months.  A few days ago I was awakened from my afternoon nap by a cable tv show’s dialogue and heard, he was hitting on old ladies at the supermarket.   It dawned on me that my choice of entertainment was dulling my mind, and I need to shake off this March madness.

I’m delighted to discover my tulips are returning. This year the entire garden area will be redone.